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Seattle To Portland - STP 2018

Since 2015 we have been partnering with Kerala Club Seattle (KCS) to raise funds for special education schools. This time we have a team of 11 riders participating in Seattle to Portland on 14th and 15th of July to support the challenged kids at Adarsh School in Ernakulam and Chaithanya School in Palakkad. Combined all the previous years, the team has raised more than $24,000 for the special needs kids. They have set a goal of $10,000 for the 2018 campaign.




About STP

Started in 1979 to promote biking, STP is one of the 10 biggest recreational bicycle rides (206 miles) in the US. The 10,000 registration limit usually caps out within few days! Many of the riders form smaller groups and re-purpose the event to increase awareness about a cause or raise funds for their non-profits. KCS riders are dedicating their ride to improve special education infrastructure in Kerala, India.


Our Team

We have a team of 11 volunteers riding this year. The team will cover 116 miles on day one and the remaining 90 miles on day two. The youngest rider is 14 year old Paul! The team has been practicing since April and has done lot of prep work in taking up this challenge. We wish them the very best for a safe and successful ride! We thank Kerala Club Seattle for the continued support and Dream Vision Real Estate for sponsoring our riders’ jerseys.

Roopesh Kelambath
Ashley Elenjickal
Anjana Vinod
Mahesh Kamath
Sudeep PK
Ashok Ptchapati
Sebastian Paulose
Paul Sebastian
Adarsh Madhusoodan
Soorajlal Vanaja
George Varkey
Sankaranarayanan Gopalan
Sijo Jose Thommana*


* Sijo represents us to raise funds in two other biking events as well - Flying Wheels and 7 Hills of Kirkland.


About Adarsh and Chaithanya Special Schools

Adarsh Charitable Trust, based in Kureekkad, Ernakulum, focuses on the rehabilitation of kids with cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome. They serve close to 340 children through their centers in two locations – Kureekkad and Vyttila. Another 110 kids receive services at home through their Home Based Rehabilitation(HBR) program.

On average, the cost involved for one child at Adarsh is around INR 2,000 ($30) per month. Of the total running cost, 50% comes through donation, 20% through government grants, and rest from the families. Only around 5% of the kids can afford to pay the full fee. Around 60% of the kids pay between 15% and 75%, depending upon their financial status. 35% of students are below the poverty line (BPL) and are served completely free of cost.

Chaithanya School is one of the fourteen special schools in Palakkad district, but this is the only one that caters the needs of children with profound disability and offers early intervention programs. 149 children attend the school and another set of children receive help through Community Based Rehabilitation(CBR) programs.

The average expense for a child at Chaithanya is almost same as Adarsh, around INR 1,950 ($30). They have a four tier fee structure depending upon the financial situation of the family. Full fees is INR 750 and the reduced fees are 500 and 250. Only 3 children pay the full fees. 26 children pay the reduced fees. Rest of the kids are served free of cost including medicines, uniform, rice, and transportation. Of the total running cost for 2016-17, 48% came through donation, 22% from Government grants and 4.5% from the fees. The remaining were taken from Trust’s reserved funds. To function smoothly, Chaithanya must find 3 lakhs (appx $5,000) in a month through donations.

Special education is a cause that Care & Share has been supporting since our inception in 1990. In the last five years alone we have funded various special schools in Kerala for a total of $100,000+. We started supporting Adarsh and Chaithanya from 2015 after learning about them from their well wishers. If you would like to talk to their supporters who regularly volunteer in these schools let us know, we can get you connected.

From Adarsh School. Picture Courtesy Justin Loveland


Our STP Goal

With our 2017 funds we could sponsor 15 kids ($5,000) at Adarsh and help Chaithanya to complete their building construction($5,000) project.

We target to raise $10,000 this year as well. Adarsh's main ask is to sponsor 28 Teaching and Learning Material (TLM) kits. Each kit costs around Rs 10,000 (appx $150). Funding this project would cost $4,200. You can learn more about the project from their proposal here. Chaithanya's priority right now is to replace their 11 year old school bus. The school is bleeding money on bus's frequent maintainance work. A new bus costs around Rs 11,00,000 (around $16,000). The school has a reserve of Rs 2,00,000 but need sponsorship for the rest of the funds. We are trying to find $5,800 (40% of the required funds) through this campaign.



For more information, please contact:

Ashley Elenjickal - 425 273 6021  elenjickal@hotmail.com

Roopesh Kelambath - 425 516 2595  roopesh@live.com

Santhosh Nair - 425 770 2595   sanpnair@hotmail.com


Status of Funds Raised

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