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Seattle Sings for Kerala




By attending this event, you are becoming part of #RebuildKerala movement!


If you would like to be added to the waiting list please send us an email to singforkerala@careandshare.com with the number of tickets you are interested in. We will let you know by Oct 5th Friday.

About Event:
The beautiful land of Kerala (southernmost state of India), famously referred as "God's own Country" is reeling under the aftermath of unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods, the worst in over a century. It is estimated that the floods may have caused over Rs. 19,500 crores (~ USD 3 + billion) worth of damages, destroying homes, roads, bridges and huge tracts of farmland. As per the Government of Kerala, it has killed more than 400 people and has displaced more than 700,000 people. Given the scale of the devastation caused by floods, the state has a humongous task to bring the lives back to normalcy.

'Seattle Sings for Kerala' is a live music concert with Tamil and Malayalam songs to extend a helping hand to Kerala during this hour of crisis. Please do come and lend your support for this great cause!

Performed by Rhythms Music Group​ in association with Seattle Saptaswara on
Oct 6th 2018, 4:00 PM at Kirkland Performance Center
Suggested donation: $25

All the proceeds from this show will go towards the rebuilding efforts in Kerala.

For more details, please reach out to -
Rajesh Arumugam - +1 (425) 283-7486
Ashley Elenjickal - +1 (425) 273-6021
Santhosh Nair - +1 (425) 770-2595

How do we distribute the raised funds?

Care & Share will partner with local NGOs in Kerala to identify beneficiaries. Each of these beneficiaries' requirements will be carefully studied before allocating any funds to them. If a donor takes care of at least 50% of the funds needed for a beneficiary's requirement, then that donor will be connected with the beneficiary. Some of the requirements we have seen so far are funds required to repair houses, medical accessories such as wheel chairs, loss of income generating petty shops or umbrella making units, domestic animals etc. After completion of a project, one of our volunteers will be visiting the site to make sure funds were utilized in a satisfactory manner. We will have direct knowledge of every penny spent in this regard.



1. Is this fundraiser to support CMDRF (Chief Minister Funds)
No. We have another drive going on for CMDRF. You can find it here.

2. Any of these funds will go to rescue operations?
No. Rescue and relief operations are mostly taken care by state & central govts along with local NGOs and volunteers.

3. Where exactly the funds from this drive go?
We will be exclusively using this drive to rebuild houses. We have got requests from islands in Ernakulam suburbs Chennur, Chariyamthuruthu,  four panchayaths along Canoli Canal  in Thrissur coast and another three panchayaths near Kodungallur. Will be soon receiving requests from some badly affected Alleppy areas as well. We are waiting for the information regarding how much funds they will get from the govt.

4. How much will it cost to rebuild houses?
If its repair work its anywhere from Rs 50K to 2Lakhs. To completely rebuild a house of 450 SF, it will cost somewhere between Rs 5.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs.

5. There are some funds coming from the govt. Will the beneficiaries get double paid?
We are doing every effort for this not to happen. We will be distributing funds only with the knowledge of local panchayaths. Govt funds are routed through panchayaths. Panchayaths will make sure beneficiaries are not paid through multiple channels.

6. How the funds will be paid to beneficiaries?
Care & Share can send the funds only to organizations in India having FCRA approval from Central Govt. We will find local organizations who can partner with us in this effort and make sure all the money we send are channeled to the beneficiary without anyone taking any cut. All payments will be through bank transfers and paid only upon producing bills and vouchers.

7. How many houses are you planning to rebuild?
Care & Share has plans to rebuild at least 25 houses at a rough estimate of 1 crore. We will sponsor few of those with the funds raised from this event.

8. How much you plan to raise from this event?
Our target is to raise $25K from this event.

9. How much fees and services charges are deducted from my donation?
None. Neither Care & Share or the NGOs that we partner with will take anything from your donation. If you donated through PayPal, they charge around 2.2% as processing fees. We get your donation after deducting those.

10. Do I get to know who benefited with my donation?
Yes. We pool money for each of the houses that we repair or rebuild. You will get the address and phone number of the beneficiaries. You are welcome to visit them in your next India trip.

Thank you for your support!



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