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Projects supported by Care and Share since 1991

  USA Projects


AMERICAN RED CROSS, For the Oklahoma bombing disaster. 


LIVING LIGHT OUTREACH CENTER, 1414 W. 63rd St., Chicago. This facility accommodates the homeless, and their work with people who have alcohol and drug problems. Financial support and clothing were given.


Free asthma nebulizers donation program for schools and charities in the US.


NATIONAL SOUTH ASIAN AIDS ORGANIZATION, Chicago - financial support was given to promote AIDS awareness.


THE OLIVE BRANCH, 1043 W. Madison, Chicago - They meet the basic needs of the hungry and homeless by providing food and shelter - financial support.


CYNTHIA HOSCH MINISTRIES -to feed and clothe homeless. Continuous financial support is given.


APNA GHAR (OUR HOME) 4753 N. Broadway, Chicago. Battered Women's Society.    


MORNING STAR MISSION, Joliet, IL. A rehabilitation center for drug and alcoholism.


DAY BREAK, FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER, in Joliet, IL. Soup kitchen.


Eye glass clinics continuously conducted in various parts of Chicago.


Care & Share's weekly feeding program at the People's Church, at Lawrence Avenue, Chicago. 


CARE & SHARE INTERNATIONAL, Chicago - seed money to start additional Care & Share chapters.

13. Katrina Hurricane, Financial Aid to Salvation Army
14. Viraj Pillai/Leukemia treatment (http://www.Virajpillai.org)  – Fund drive along with Kerala Association of Washington to support the treatment of a community member family. (http://www.kaow.org/viraj.htm)
15. 2007 The Christian Mission of Pignon (http://www.pignon.org/NewFiles/CMP.html) - Care and Share financially supported their "Maternity Housing Project"
  Projects for India


Established an AIDS-free blood bank in Cochin, in collaboration with the INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. This blood bank screens blood for HIV diseases (AIDS). 


RAKSHA, Cochin, The institution for the care, education, training and management of children with multiple disabilities, financial support was given for them to buy a bus. Obtained collaboration of TRINITY Services of Joliet, IL, for technology transfer and development of curriculum. 


SOCIETY FOR THE WELFARE OF THE AGED, SICK, AND THE HANDICAPPED, Palakad. We supported them financially in their building project. 


THE CORPORATE EDUCATION AGENCY OF CALICUT, -helped them buy desks and benches, and assisted a major repair of the old school building 


KUSMAGIRI MENTAL HEALTH CENTER, Kakkanad- helped establish child psychiatric unit. 


CORTINA HOSPITAL, Chellanam - assisted in establishing a surgery unit for this nonprofit organization located on an island. 


FRIENDLY CENTERS OF INDIA, Mulanthuruthy - a rehabilitation center for the people with either orthopedic or sensory disabilities. 


HOUSE OF PROVIDENCE, Irvinjalakuda, - a shelter for destitute, elderly men over the age of 60 who have no other means of support. Financial aid was given for various needs. 


SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DePAUL, Irinijalakuda, -financial support was given to make toilets for the poor, and also to give books, umbrellas, and uniforms for the poor children. 


SNEHAGIRI SOCIETY, Mala - a shelter for the aged and neglected men and women, We supported their building project. 


SHANTHI NILAYAM, Trivandrum- a rehabilitation center for the mentally handicapped women. We supported their building project. 


MADONA, Chalakudy - a rehabilitation center for the mentally handicapped women. We supported their building project. 


HOME FOR THE AGED - run by the sisters of Holy Angel's Convent, Kuthiathodu. We supported their building project. 


MITHRAM, Cochin - The institution for the care of mentally handicapped children. Financial support was given for their building project. 


ERNAKULAM SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY for building 15 houses for the homeless. 




CARE & SHARE'S PERMANENT ASTHMA AND POLY CLINIC, in Panangad, (near Cochin) an underdeveloped area.   


SHREYAS, SULTAN"S BATTERY, Waynad, medicines, food, clothing and shelter for 33 families. 


VINCENT DEPAUL SOCIETY, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Palliport, Financial help to poor families. 


ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE, Kidangoor South. 


DON BOSCO VOCATIONAL CENTER, Cochin, to buy sewing machines for free distribution to create jobs for the unemployed. 


SISTERS OF THE DESTITUTE, Alwaye, India. Clothing for the poor. 




ASSISSI BHAVAN, Parur, for rehabilitation of destitute children, widows, and elderly women.. 


ALERT-INDIA, Bombay, the Association for leprosy education, rehabilitation, and treatment. 


CAREER GUIDANCE CENTER, Elenthikara, vocational training center for the unemployed. 


CORRECTIONS, INDIA, Kottayam, rehabilitation for prisoners and their families. 


Annual asthma camps have been conducted in Kerala for the last five years. 


POOR HOME, Alwaye, for the inmates clothing needs. 


POPE JOHN PAUL PEACE HOME, Athani, for building a shelter for forty handicapped and mentally ill, depressed youth. 


Donation to Mayo Clinic foundation for the start-up and the site visit cost to develop a diabetic education, research, and treatment center for India. 


PROVIDENCE CHARITY TRUST, Palai, to build an extension for a rehabilitation center for mentally ill and depressed youth. 


Asthma nebulizers donation program for all the medical colleges in Kerala State and for 11 AAPI (American Association of Physicians from India) Charitable Foundation Clinics in various states of India.


Sponsored statewide survey on the prevalence and morbidity of mental disease and bronchial asthma in Kerala State in collaboration with the state government. 


Free cataract surgeries for the needy people in collaboration with Roshan Eye Care Hospital. Since  2002 Roshan Eye Care served more than 200 cataract patients.


JANEY FOUNDATION. An institution for mentally retarded children in Cochin, India. Financial help was given to purchase a bus to transport the children. 


SRADH, a home for handicapped children located in Cochin, India. Financial assistance was given to this organization. 


DALITH CATHOLIC WELFARE FUND is based in Changancherry, Kerala to help the underprivileged. 


TAILORING TRAINING CENTER, a trade center for teaching the unemployed, located in Varantharappally, Trichur, Kerala, was helped by Care and Share. 


ABHAYAM , located in Tripurithura, Kerala, is involved in extending medical care, eye care, and educational assistance to the underprivileged. Till 2001 Care and Share was involved in joint projects with this organization in the area of cataract surgery.


SWASRAYA NILAYAM is a home for mentally retarded children in Kattoor, Kerala. Financial assistance was given to improve the teaching facility. 


HOLY INFANT MARY CONVENT, an orphanage located in Wynada, Kerala, was also financially assisted by Care and Share. 


SWAMI RAMDAS CHARITABLE MISSION in Kanhangad. Financial assistance was given to a medial facility. 


ABHAYA BHAVAN SOCIETY, Tiruvalla, a facility for the homeless 


VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER for the DEAF, Tiruvalla, a facility for teaching trades to the deaf. 


POPE PAUL MERCY HOME, Thrissur. Financial assistance was given to attend Special Olympics for the Handicapped Children. 


SAN DAMIANO CAPUCHIN ASHRAM, Thrissur. Financial assistance to various medical projects for the needy. 


THE MALABAR MISSIONARY BROTHERS, Thrissur. A facility for the aged destitute men, and financial assistance for their building projects. 


CHILD CANCER CARE CENTER OF CALICUT. Financial assistance for the treatment of poor children with cancer. 


Donation of mammogram machine to LOURDS HOSPITAL in Ernakulam, for early detection of cancer. 


Care and Share, along with Dr. Joseph Kannankeril of Chicago, donated a bus to RAKSHA, Cochin, a center for the care of mentally and physically handicapped children. 


Financial assistance to start WORLD INDIA DIABETIC CENTER in Trivandrum with the help of the MAYO CLINIC.   

68. 2002, 2004 & 2005 Financial Support - Friends of the Birds of the Air - Divyahrudaya Ashram, F.B.A Charitable Trust, Chennaipara.P.O, Peechi, Thrissur - 680 653, Kerala, India.
69. 2004 & 2005 - Financial Support - Poor People marriage assistance Program - St.Vincent De Paul Society, Mount Carmel Roman Church, Kara, Kerala, India.
70. Center For Excellence, Trivandrum: Scholarship for needy children.
71. Cochin Kidney Foundation, Cochin: Financial Aid for needy kidney patients.
72. Adarsh, Cochin: Cerebral Palsy Center, Financial Aid
73. Jeevodaya Provincial House, Alwaye: A Center for Destitute Elderly. Financial Aid for the aged home.
74. Maithri, Suicide Prevention Crisis Center, Cochin: Financial Aid.
75. Capernaum Sneha Sishu Bhavan, A Center for the destitute from the streets of Cochin run entirely by a Catholic nun. Financial aid.
76. Catholic Congregation of Blind, Muringoor, Chalakkudy, Kerala. Financial Aid.
77. Home of Faith, Chittethukara, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala – Handicapped girls and boys orphanage – Financial Support
78. Providence Home, Athani, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala - Mentally retarded girls/women orphanage – Financial Support
79. Pain and Palliative Care Clinic, Medical College Calicut http://www.painandpalliativecare.org   - Financial support for the underprivileged people suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases taken care by “Santhwanam” unit operating from Tanur, Malappuram, Kerala
80. Provincial Superior Counselor – Kottayam - Old Age Home & Orphanage – Financial Support
81. Computer Science and Engineering Association, Anna University, Chennai, India – Fund drive along with Tamil Sangam in Seattle (Washington, USA), Anna University Alumni association, and Computer Science department of Anna University in Chennai, India to support a 20 year old Computer Science Engineering student from Anna University for the bone marrow transplantation.
82. Worldvision, Chennai, India http://www.worldvisionindia.org  - Child sponsorship
83. SOS Childrens Village, Bangalore, India http://www.soscvindia.org  – Child sponsorship
84. “We One Charity”, Kaladay, Kerala - Financial Support - “We One Charity” helps poor patients in the locality to meet the medical expenses. They were instrumental in getting drinking water to the village on a regular basis. They were also successful to get State Transport bus service to the village easing the pain of students and other workers.

85. 2006 Pallium India - Financial support to expand the operations of Pallium, India to help Pain & Palliative care initiatives across India. It was handed over during 2006 Humanitarian Award cermoney being held in Kochi on November 5th.

86. 2006 Chellanam Tsunami Housing Project Phase 1 - In association with KAOW (www.kaow.org) Care & Share built 5 houses to support the Tsunami victims.
88. 2007 Chellanam Drinking Water Project - To alleviate the acute shortage of drinking water at least for few in Chellanam village, Care & Share implemented Rain Water Harveting solution in 10 households.
89. 2007 Chellanam Housing Project Phase II - In association with Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (www.akmg.org) Care & Share built 6 houses for the Tsunami affected families in Chellanam village in Kochi.
90. 2007 Cochin Kidney Foundation - Care & Share sponsored 145 dialysis for the most needy patients through Cochin Kidney Foundation during 2007
91. 2007 "Friends of birds of Air" - Financial assistance towards the construction of a new Kitchen

2007 Financial Support for the Cancer patients in Ernakulum General Hospital. The cancer ward in this government run hospital treats 50-70 in-patients. The hospital hardly has any resource to cover for the patient's medical needs. Most of these patients come from extreme poor conditions and backgrounds. Nuns from the nearby convent have offered voluntary services to take care of those patients in the advanced stages of the disease. The donation amount will be used for the medical needs especially for painkillers like Morphine.


2007 NISH India receives Care & Share support - National Institute of Speech and Hearing (www.nishindia.org) is integrating all its operations to a single campus in Trivandrum. Care & Share extended support for the campus construction.


2007 Professional education scholarship – Care & Share is sponsoring the professional educational expenses for 6 students from Chennayipara Ashramam in Peechi, Trichur. The students are attending various professional degree courses such as nursing, computer applications, social works, etc. The sponsorship will cover all the expenses including tuition fees, hostel fees, books and mess fees.


2007 Snehagiri Mithralayam Aged Home receives Care & Share support – Started in 1995, this shelter is one of the projects of Snehagiri Society. At present, there are more than 20 inmates who are provided with food, medical care, counseling and medication. The institute depends on generous public support to meet its daily expenses. Care & Share supported the institute's medical expenses for a year.


2007 Capernaum Sneha Bhavan receives Care & Share support – Capernaum Sneha Bhavan in Kochi is a home and shelter for the uncared and unattended destitute in the city. Run by Sr. Juliet Joseph, this shelter takes care of more than thirty people, many of which are chronically ill. Sr. Juliet depends on the institute’s well wishers to meet its expenses for medical treatments, clothes, and daily bread.

97. 2007 Home of Faith, Chittethukara, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala – Handicapped girls and boys orphanage – Financial Support

98. 2007 Providence Home, Athani, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala - Mentally retarded girls/women orphanage – Financial Support

99. 2007 St.Thomas Orphanage Girls' Home, Vengoor, Kochi, Kerala – Financial Support

100. 2007 Worldvision, Chennai, India http://www.worldvisionindia.org  - Child sponsorship

101. 2007 Pain & Palliative Care Unit Support – Pallium India took the initiative to start four Palliative Care Centers in the rural areas of Trivandrum District that otherwise lacked in providing Palliative Care. Care & Share is supporting each of them. Payment for the first unit in Muttacaud, Trivandrum was paid during Care & Share Humanitarian Award ceremony in Thrissur on Dec 29th.

102. 2008 Care & Share to support KochiPallcon – The 15th International  Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care was held at Kochi from 8th to 10th of February 2008. Care & Share extended its financial support for this event through Pallium, India.

103. 2008 SOS Childrens Village, Alwaye, Kochi, Kerala – Child sponsorship

104. 2008 Care & Share to support NAB Kerala – National Association for Blind provides services for the rehabilitation of children with deaf-blindness and multiple disabilities through early intervention. NAB’s Kerala wing, operating from Trivandrum, is the only one of its kind in the State of Kerala. This year, NAB Kerala has identified twenty such young children coming from poor backgrounds who need basic preparatory and educational services. Care & Share is financially supporting this project for the next two years. You can find the project proposal here.

105. 2008 Rain water harvesting for ten households in Chellanam – With the Arabian Sea to the west and salinized lake on the east, Chellanam village in Kochi is in a low place with marshy sand. Scarcity of pure water is one of its most acute problems. The only reliable solution for this serious problem is roof top rain water harvesting, which collects rain water from roofs and filters the water into a 5000 liter Ferro cement tank. In 2007, Care & Share built this solution for ten households and the positive feedback that we received encouraged us to extend this support in 2008 for another ten more households.

106. 2008 Rain water harvesting for ten households in Methala - Methala Panchayat in Thrissur District is fully surrounded by saline water and badly lacks clean drinking water. The area receives 3 metres of rain every year. Harvesting the rain water  into ferro-cement tanks and using it during the non-rainy months can solve the drinking water scarcity for most of the households. Care & Share is implementing this solution for ten most needy households in 2008 through Kottapuram Integrated Development Society.
107. 2008 Home of Faith, Chittethukara, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala – Handicapped girls and boys orphanage – Financial Support

108. 2008 Providence Home, Athani, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala - Mentally retarded girls/women orphanage – Financial Support

109. 2008 St.Thomas Orphanage Girls' Home, Vengoor, Kochi, Kerala – Financial Support

110. 2008 Financial Support to NISH - National Institute for Speech and Hearing has integrated its various locations to a single campus, but the construction is far from over. Finding the government support inadequate, the institute is reaching out to the public and well-wishers to raise the funds for the completion of the construction. Care & Share extended its financial support to the campus construction fund.

111. 2008 Home Care Vehicle for Pallium India - Care & Share donated a mini van to Pallium India for the convenience of the home care team to visit their patients. A vehicle for its own operations was the biggest immediate need for Pallium India.

112. 2008 Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients's family through Pallium India - With the support from Care & Share, Pallium India helped a diseased cancer patient's family to build a small house. Care & Share also provided financial assistance to complete his second daughter's Teachers Training Certificate program.

113. 2008 Financial Assistance for the treatment of an 8th grade student - With the support from Kerala Association of Washington, Care & Share was able to support the son of a fisherman from Alappuzha who is undergoing treatment for  Acute Myelogenous Leukemia with maturation.

114. 2008 Financial Assistance for the treatment of a Chronic Kidney patient - A 32 year old man suffering from Acute Kidney Dysfunction received financial support from Care & Share towards his treatment. Care & Share also supported him with 20 dialyses through Cochin Kidney Foundation.

115. 2008 Financial Assistance for the heart patient - A fisherman with 90% block in the main valve from Chellanam village received financial assistance for his angioplasty operation.

116. 2008 Rural Pain and Palliative Care Units in Trivandrum District - Care & Share supported two pain and palliative care rural clinics in Nanniyode and Karimkulam to meet the medical needs of the patients. Care & Share worked with Pallium India to extend this support.

117. 2008 Dialysis support for Kidney Patients - Care & Share worked with Cochin Kidney Foundation to extend 180 dialysis for chronic kidney patients.
  Other Projects Financed


Bangladesh Prime Minister's Relief Fund, Typhoon disaster in 1991. 


Care and Share provided clothing, food, and medical supplies to the victims of the tragedy in Honduras.


Financial assistance to WORLD VISION to aid humanitarian work in Kosovo.

109. Thailand Missionaries of Charity, Nongbua Lamphu, Thailand.
110. 2006 Sisters of the Adoration Convent in Nkuhungu, Tanzania, Africa - Funds towards the construction of a new school building for the poor.

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