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Kerala Flood Support 2019



August 10, 2019: Rain and landslides ravage Kerala one more time. Malabar region, which bears the brunt of the devastation, is literally thunderstruck. In addition to Malabar, non-stop showers have hit people's lives in Kottayam, Ernakulam and Idukki districts as well. Death toll have already crossed 50; Nearly 1.65 lakh people from around 41,000 families are housed in 1,221 relief camps across the state. The state has witnessed over 80 landslides across eight districts in the past couple of days.

During 2018 flood, we ran two successful campaigns – one to support CMDRF (Chief Ministers Distress Relief Fund) and the other to build and repair houses. We transferred, $3,300,000 ($3.3 Million) towards CMDRF and helped to rebuild 43 new homes using another $225,000 for the families impacted by this flood.

Let’s join hands together one more time to help Kerala recover from this devastation.

To support our housing project use this button

Housing Project Donation

To donate to CMDRF use this button

CMDRF Donation


1. How long you plan to run this campaign?
We will run this till October 31st, 2019.

2. Who do you plan to send the funds to?
We’ll run two separate campaigns. One campaign will be aimed at building or repairing the houses destroyed in the disaster in direct partnership with local NGOs. Second campaign will be for CMDRF (Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Funds). As a donor, you have the choice to decide where your donation needs to go.

3. When do you plan to send the funds?
We will transfer CMDRF funds at the beginning of every month. Most of company matching come around 6 weeks later. Eg: Microsoft, TMobile, Expedia, Apple etc send their employee contribution matching donation on the 25th of the following month. We will wire 100% of the matching grants along with next transfer. Housing project funds will be transferred to partnering NGO as soon as beneficiaries are chosen and construction is ready to take off.

4. Can I get information on who benefited with my donation?
For your donation towards House Building projects, we’ll have the full beneficiary details available. For CMDRF donation, there is lot of information in https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in. See http://www.careandshare.com/housingproject.html for the 2018 housing beneficiary details.

5. Why should I use Care & Share?
Care & Share is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity organization that focuses mainly on projects in Kerala. If you would like to take tax advantage or company matching, then you may go thru us. 100% of the funds we receive will go towards the projects you choose.

6. How often this page will be updated?
We will update at least once a week while donations keep coming.

7. Can I donate to Care & Share through my employer portal?
Yes. You should be able to find us with our EIN number 36-3708966 in your giving portal. Our registered office is in Lockport, IL 60441. Whether you donated through PayPal or employer portal, remember to request matching if your employer extends that benefit.

8. Will I get any confirmation from Care & Share after I donate?
Yes, we will acknowledge your donation typically in less than 6 hours. You may hear from one of the two program admins - Ashley Elenjickal or Sajith Balan

9. What companies extend the benefit of 200% match for your dollars?
As far as we know only Apple and Gates Foundation offer this benefit. Expedia has 200% match during their giving campaign month of September.

10. How are beneficiaries selected for building house?
We choose households with
- Elderly people (age above 60)
- Special needs
- Cancer or similar life-threatening disease
- Widows
- Daughters

11. Who will carry out the work?
In each location, there is a group of masons, carpenters, roof builders, etc. They will be monitored either by Care & Share Kerala Chapter members or our point of contact.

12. I still got questions, is there someone I can talk to?
You may email contact@careandshare.com or director@careandshare.com. You may also reach us via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/careandshare1990/ 

For more details, please reach out to -
Ashley Elenjickal (425) 273-6021 
Sajith Balan  (425) 599-6801

Santhosh Nair (425) 770-2595


Thank you for your support!



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