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October 10th: CMDRF Payment Update: We have an update on the date and mode of payment from Care & Share to CMDRF.

We have recently found out that sending $750K to CMDRF can take up to 2 weeks and can incur a fee of close to $700.
The Finance minister of Kerala, Dr. Thomas Issac, is visiting the US this month and we have decided to hand over the check directly to him to avoid wire fees. A function is arranged in Chicago on Oct 21st where Care & Share president Mr. Tony Devassy will directly hand over the check to the minister. On Oct 1st we had wire transferred $50K, and the rest $700K will be handed over during the function in Chicago.
We understand that this is a change of plan, but given the overhead costs involved and the timeline, this is best course of action. In case you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to Care & Share Vice President Ashley Elenjickal at 425 273 6021 or vp@careandshare.com.


September 27th: Thank you for the continued support. Your donations now top $1.28 million towards CMDRF. We are gearing up to wire transfer $725,000 (₹5+ Crores) in the next few days. We originally planned to send this on Sept 25th, but around 35K from Benevity donated by employees outside US are yet to arrive. The funds will immediately go out as soon as we receive it from Benevity. Once again thank you everyone for your generosity.

NOTE: Corporate Benevity users, please choose the right project when you donate. While the option to donate to CMDRF will remain open for quite some time, we are shifting focus into building and repairing houses working directly with local NGOs.


September 13th: Hello folks, you all deserve a big applause here! Your donations crossed $1 Million mark yesterday towards CMDRF! Six different currencies, thousands of donors, donations as little as $5 and as fat as $5,000, little volunteers of age 7, internal corporate drives, unofficial friends groups, sports tournaments, the list goes on…but just one goal, #RebuildKerala. Thank you everyone for being part of this movement! Now lets march on to $1.5M mark!

We want to call out two volunteers for helping us with this drive - Santhosh Pillai and Sajith Balan. It goes without saying that there is lot of work involved. Responding to donors’ questions and concerns, pushing the campaign through friends at various corporates, acknowledging the donations, keeping track of funds coming in, and working with contacts to improve CMDRF site content are just a few of those. You just made them look easy. Take a bow guys, you are just awesome!

September 8th: Thank you for your overwhelming support. We are inching towards our $1,000,000 goal and have gone well past $900,000. Keep up the great work and help us reach the goal soon. We will transfer ₹5 Crores CMDRF account on September 25.

Care & Share partnered with Kerala Club Seattle for their fundraiser event for CMDRF on September 1. 32 sports teams and approximately 200 athletes participated in the event and raised over $15,000. Thanks to all the organizers and participants.
We are seeing a great momentum for the #SalaryChallenge by the Chief Minister of Kerala. We request all of you to join forces for rebuilding Kerala.

Special thanks to Varghese George, Vinod Balakrishna, Anitha Chrisanthus, Santosh Sangras and Donia Sebastian from Intel Corporation for organizing fund drive there. We continue to see fundraisers happening in various corporates. Please keep up the great work and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

September 1st: Thank you for the overwhelming support for the CMDRF fundraiser! You blew past $750K goal and now shooting towards $1 Million mark. Initially we had set a deadline of Aug 31st to contribute towards CMDRF, but after multiple requests we have decided to leave this fundraiser open for at least six more months. Many people have come forward accepting Chief Minister’s #SalaryChallenge to donate one month salary in monthly installments. You have the option to setup recurring payments in both PayPal and Facebook. Since Facebook no longer charges any fee for the donations, we recommend using Facebook, than PayPal. https://www.facebook.com/donate/1233276936814413/. PayPal has a processing fee of 2.2%.
Like we said before, corporate service provider Benevity releases employee and matching donations to us on 21st every month. Employees, with matching, routed $697.37K through Benevity in August. This will be the amount that will be wired to CMDRF on 25th of Sept, roughly ₹ 4.8 Crores!


August 27th 2018: Fund distribution update – We wire transferred another Rs 25 lakhs ($36,277.78) to CMDRF yesterday (26th August). Wire details along with the covering letter are attached. Fundraising efforts at various levels are still going on. Thank you so much for standing together for the monumental task of rebuilding Kerala. The state needs your support for prolonged period, so please continue your efforts to spread the word, raise funds, and influence your friends. Our biggest payout will come around Sept 25 after receiving the funds routed through corporate service provider Benevity. Right now Benevity reported figure is $472,704.13 (approximately Rs 3.26 Crs).
Once again, thank you so much for your support!

August 25th 2018: Your donations just crossed half a million dollars! wow! Thank you for donating generously for rebuilding Kerala. Its encouraging to see people coming back and donating again as they understand more about the ground reality. The numbers do not include matching grants from Google as well as the donations made by their employees through their Benevity platform. We are hoping to hear from them soon.

CMDRF updates the donations received by the state in their portal https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/index.php/Dashboard/allType_transaction. As you can see its still a very long way for the state. We are gearing up for our second payment of Rs 25 lakhs on 27th. We will be receiving majority of your funds (as of now $427K or close to Rs 3 Cr) from the corporates’ service provider Benevity only on 21st of September. This will be wired to CMDRF on 25th September. Since we wired 25 lakhs on 20th, we received another 25 lakhs in direct donations through PayPal. That’s the amount going out next.

Situation back in Kerala demands us to push the goal further. We are shooting for 750K now. Do you think its really achievable? With the kind of support you have shown, we believe we can!



August 23rd 2018: We want to take a moment to call out the strong support from employees working in various corporates, and their employers’ generous matching program. Many of them contributed directly through PayPal and requested match, but the majority routed their donations through their employers' internal system. Benevity (www.benevity.com) is the service provider used by majority of these companies. So far employees from 40 companies with matching benefits donated through Benevity platform. Including the company matching, as of now, there is $350,767 (appx Rs 2.42 Cr) in the pipeline that is scheduled to payout on Sept 21st. Few other companies go through CyberGrants(www.cybergrants.com). We are still waiting on updates from CyberGrants.

Here is a high level breakdown of Benevity’s upcoming payout on Sept 21st.
Apple Inc. $176,020
Microsoft $72,406
Expedia $36,147.38
Intel $32,030
T-Mobile $5,980.00
Rest of the companies: $28,182.77

200% match for the charity dollars from Apple and Expedia, really helped us to push the figures. Special kudos to these folks: @Sree Vallath and Tara Elizabeth Thomas from Apple, Aneesh G Nair and Varun Xavier from Expedia and Sajith Balan and Santhosh Pillai from Microsoft. There are many silent warriors who organized fundraisers within their company, friends or business org. Huge thanks to them as well.



August 21st 2018: Fund distribution update – We wire transferred Rs 25 lakhs ($36,207) to CMDRF yesterday (20th August). Please find the wire details along with the covering letter attached. Two of our supporters/volunteers/evangelists Mithun Suresh and Giri Nair got an opportunity to meet with Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan to deliver the word directly. Special thanks to minister Mr. Kadannappally Ramachandran for arranging this opportunity. Bulk of the money we raised so far are through corporate internal giving portals. As of now this is counting at $251,732 just from Benevity (Service provider used by majority of the companies) alone and expected to receive it on Sept 21st. What we transferred yesterday includes only the direct contribution we received through PayPal till EOD 19th.

We are also encouraged by the fact that internal employees of many corporates are taking initiative and driving this fundraiser further.

We received multiple requests asking whether we can divert some of the funds to other organizations or local groups on the ground. We want to reiterate that this drive is purely for CMDRF, but our subsequent phases will be targeting NGOs. We crossed $300K mark and now heading towards $400K.

Thank you for the continued support and spreading the word. Our next transfer will happen on 27th of August. Once again we salute all the donors, volunteers, and corporates for standing together for Kerala. If your friends haven’t chipped in yet, please influence them.



August 19th 2018: After several days, situation has started improving. While there are still areas where rescue operations are still happening, weather is more inclined in most of the parts and several people have started assessing their situation at home. It will take few days for most of them to make the houses inhabited after the required cleaning and necessary primary repairs. Lot of other people have completely lost their houses and land and clueless about their next phase. Hopefully they will soon figure out something. We will focus on those kinds of families after this drive on 31st.
There are unofficial reports that the state suffers a loss of Rs 25,000 crores (approximately $3.5 billion). Few of our volunteers are trying to get some official figures on the loss as well as the deficit published in an official channel. Again from close unofficial sources, its certain that state is nowhere close to any of the required funds.
We have crossed our $100K goal mark and now marching towards the new goal of $200K. Thank you for your overwhelming support. If you donated but didn’t receive an acknowledgement, please hang in, we are working on it as fast as we can. Apart from the employees of previously posted companies, many from Intel, SAP, Oracle, Samsung, Intuit, and Visa have joined hands as well.

If you are using employers portal to donate, please remember to send a note to donate@careandshare.com. This will help us better to track the progress.

We are working on wiring our initial transfer of Rs 25 lakhs. We will keep you posted once it goes through.


August 17th 2018: Thank you for joining #StandWithKerala movement and for generously extending monetary support. The situation continues to be extremely scary. Thanks to the government for coordinating all sorts of relief efforts. Considering the funds required by the state, we are revising our goal to $100K. Thanks to corporates such as Microsoft, Expedia, Boeing, Apple, GE, TMobile and Symantec for matching their employee donations.

August 16th 2018: Thank you for the great support towards the dreadful situation in Kerala. We could achieve our initial goal of 25K in less than 3 days. But the situation is getting more and more worse back home, and there is no relief in sight. The destruction and funds required to rebuild is massive; there is no real figure – all we know is its in billions of dollars. Considering those factors we are pushing the goal to 50K. We request you to continue contributing to the best of your capacity.

August 13th 2018: From the news you might have heard how badly monsoon affected Kerala this year. According to reports at least 40 people died so far and around 55,000 displaced from their homes. Kerala government estimates the loss at around Rs 8,316 crores (~$1.2 billion). We are trying to raise at least $25K in the first phase to contribute towards Kerala Chief Ministers Distress Relief Funds (CMDRF).



1. How long you plan to run this campaign?
This is phase 1. We will run this till November 1st, 2018. (This was originally planned till Aug 31st. But we received multiple requests to run it for a longer period).

2. Who do you plan to send the funds to?
We will be wiring the raised funds to CMDRF (Kerala Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Funds)

3. When do you plan to send the funds?
Initial three transfers will be on 20th, 27th and Sept 3rd. Most of company matching comes around 6 weeks later. Eg: Microsoft, TMobile, Expedia, etc send their employee contribution matching donation on the 21st of the following month. We will wire 100% of the matching grants on Sept 25th.

4. Can I get information on who benefited with my donation?
Unfortunately we won’t get that level granularity for the funds we send.

5. Why should I use Care & Share?
Care & Share is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity organization that focuses mainly on projects in Kerala. If you would like to take tax advantage or company matching, then you may go thru us. 100% of the funds we receive will go towards CMDRF.

6. How often this page will be updated?
At least once a day till campaign ends.

7. Can I donate to Care & Share through my employer portal?
Yes. You should be able to find us with our EIN number 36-3708966 in your giving portal. Our registered office is in Lockport, IL 60441. Whether you donated through PayPal or employer portal, remember to request matching if your employer extends that benefit.


8. Will I get any confirmation from Care & Share after I donate?
Yes, we will acknolwledge your donation typically in less than 6 hours. You may hear from one of the three program admins - Ashley Elenjickal, Sajith Balan or Santhosh Pillai.


9. What companies extend the benefit of 200% match for your dollars?

As far as we know only Apple and Expedia offer this benefit.


10. I still got questions, is there someone I can talk to?
You may email contact@careandshare.com. If you don’t get a response in a reasonable timeframe, till Aug 26th you may contact Ashley Elenjickal at (+91)94970 98131 and after 27th (+1)425 273 6021. He is currently in Kerala and expected back in US on 27th evening.



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