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Housing Project to #RebuildKerala



The beautiful land of Kerala (southernmost state of India), famously referred as "God's own Country" is reeling under the aftermath of unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods, the worst in over a century. It is estimated that the floods may have caused over Rs. 19,500 crores (~ USD 3 + billion) worth of damages, destroying homes, roads, bridges and huge tracts of farmland. As per the Government of Kerala, it has killed more than 400 people, displaced more than 700,000 people and 11,000 lost their houses. While the water has receded, thousands of these people are living in hut like temp shelters.

While we are in the final stages of phase 1, CMDRF support, we are shifting focus into Phase 2 of #RebuildKerala efforts. In this phase we are directly assisting the affected families by either building them a small, but secured, house or repair their heavily damaged houses. The new houses built are of 450 sq ft, consisting of one bedroom, hall and kitchen. We cap our support at Rs 4 lakhs (appx $6000).

So far we have received close to 50 requests from the districts of Thrissur and Ernakulam and few more expected from the districts of Alapuzha and Idukki. As the first set we have chosen around 20 families based on the family situation. Priority was given to families with elderly people (65+), special needs, serious illnesses like cancer, families with daughters, phycological issues, etc. We had two fundraisers to support this: 'Seattle Sings for Kerala' and 'Microsoft Give Poker Tournament'. Together we raised $50,000+ and construction has started for 8 houses.

Our target is to raise $200,000 by December 31st. The plan, estimate and current living conditions of some of these families can be found below. Would you like to be part of this project?

Use the button below and donate using PayPal Giving Fund. (PayPal Giving Fund will absorb all the credit card fees associated and will issue receipt for tax purposes or company matching).

For more details, please reach out to -
Ashley Elenjickal (425) 273-6021 
Sajith Balan  (425) 599-6801

Santhosh Nair (425) 770-2595

These are some of the families waiting for your generosity.


Rukmani, 68 years widow, lives with her daughter and two grand daughters

Shanta, 65 years widow, lives with her 36 years old daughter


Sathyan, fisherman, lives with his mother, wife and two kids

Laila Ali, single mother and daily wager, lives with her twin boys

One of the proposed plans for a 450 sq ft, 1 bedroom, kitchen, hall house. The expense is around Rs 4.5 lakhs. See the expense estimate here.


1.      How are beneficiaries selected?

We have received more than 50 requests so far from heavily affected area’s MLA office or ward member office. From these we have chosen 25 households with:

-        Elderly people (age above 60)

-        Special needs

-        Cancer or similar life threatening disease

-        Widows

-        Daughters

2.      Won’t these families get help from the Govt?

Nobody knows that yet. Even if Govt is doing something, it will take its own course of time. Families with critical needs may not be able to wait that long.


3.      There are some funds coming from the govt. Will the beneficiaries get double paid?

We are doing every effort for this not to happen. We will be distributing funds only with the knowledge of local panchayaths. Govt funds are routed through panchayaths. Panchayaths will make sure beneficiaries are not paid through multiple channels.


4.      Who will carry out the work?

In each location, there is a group of masons, carpenters, roof builders, etc. They will be monitored either by Care & Share Kerala Chapter members or our point of contact.


5.      How much will it cost to rebuild houses?

To completely rebuild a house of 450 SF, it will cost somewhere between Rs 4.5 lakhs to 6 lakhs depending upon the location. We will cap our support to Rs 4 lakhs (appx $6,000)

Thank you for your support!



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