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This event is postponed. We will let you know the new date as soon as its decided.

Saptaswara Ganolsavam 2020

Supporting Pain & Palliative Care


Ganolsavam 2020 Entry Passes

I won't be able to attend, but I'm ready to support the cause with a donation


About Saptaswara:
Saptaswara is a Seattle based non-profit music troupe founded in 2009 by a bunch of music lovers from Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Vancouver. The troupe'
s mission is to promote local talent as wells as utilizing that talent for something greater good. Most of the current musicians are based in Seattle and perform in multiple bands such as Allgorythms and Rhythm Studios. Since 2009, the troupe has performed nine times for Care & Share and helped to raise more than $210,000.

Saptaswara sings with a live orchestra in three Indian languages – Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi. You may find more information in the web or Facebook.   

Pain & Palliative Care
By supporting Ganolsavam’20, you are becoming part of a great cause that’s still in its early stages in India – Pain & Palliative Care. While almost 100% of patients have access to such care in US, in India only 5% receive it. In Kerala the numbers are considerably better at 65%*. Pain & Palliative Care seeks to improve the quality of life of people with advanced life threatening or debilitating illness. If a cure is not possible, support is given by treating symptoms like pain and attempting to minimize suffering. It involves physical and psychosocial support to the patient and the affected family to cope with the illness and even bereavement.

Pain & Palliative Care also includes the rehabilitation of those impoverished families whose loved ones lost their battle with major diseases like cancer or kidney disease or AIDS. As a result of these serious illnesses, these families often have deep debts to high interest local financers. In some cases, the deceased person was the lone bread winner for the family. Rehabilitation involves improving the living conditions of the patients as well as their families. Rehab involves providing physical aids such as wheel chair, vocational training that will help the families to become self-sustaining through petty shops or tailoring shops, food kit program, and educational support for their kids. This enables families to move on to their next chapter in life.

All the funds raised through Ganolsavam 2020 will go to rehabilitate such families. We need your support!

* Data from Pallium India (www.palliumindia.org)


How do we distribute the raised funds?

In the past Care & Share has partnered with Pallium India in Thiruvananthapuram and Solace in Thrissur to ensure that our funds reach the right people. Pallium India is headed by Padmashree Dr. Rajagopal, the father of Palliative Care in India, and Solace by Vanitha Rathnam Ms. Sheeba Ameer. Solace completely focuses on the total care of kids below 18 years of age. Both of them have several teams visiting the patients at their homes on a regular basis. This gives them first hand information about the living conditions and critical needs of patients and their families. Once the funds are utilized, they share the beneficiary details with Care & Share. Every year at least two Care & Share directors visit some of these beneficiaries and also spends a day with home care team! We are still finalizing on the partner organizations other than these two for G2020 funds. If you have any suggestions please send it to us. The organizations should have FCRA approval from Indian government to accept foreign funds. They should also be secular, and non-political. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the cause or funds usage.

By attending Ganolsavam you are helping a noble cause - we request your wholehearted support!


You may donate any tax-deductible amount towards this cause:

For more information and tickets, please contact:
Santhosh Nair - 425 770 2595
Jojo Chalissery - 425 772 1449
Ashley Elenjickal - 425 273 6021


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