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Ganolsavam 2010

A Fund Raising Event for Care & Share


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About Saptaswara:
Saptaswara is a Seattle based non-profit music troupe focused in helping charitable organizations like Care & Share raise funds for their projects. The troupe was founded in 2009 by a bunch of music lovers from Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Vancouver. The first performance of the troupe was in 2009 to support Care & Share’s Palliative (Hospice) Care projects in Kerala, India. Saptaswara sings with a live orchestra in three Indian languages – Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi.

About Raksha Society:

Raksha Society is a longtime partner of Care & Share in the field of special education. Its founder, Manjoo Menon, was the recipient of Care & Share’s Humanitarian of the Year Award in 1997.

Raksha Society, which cares for children with special needs, was started in 1985 in Kochi and has served the community ever since. Ninety percent of the children attending Raksha’s schools belong to socially and educationally disadvantaged sectors of society. Raksha provides training and therapy in two special schools established in Kochi and Vypin. These two schools serve the needs of 500 children and young adults between the ages of newborn to 26. With the exception of the blind and the hearing impaired, Raksha serves all congenital disabilities. Since a majority of its students come from impoverished backgrounds, Raksha provides all of its services free of cost.
With 54 well-qualified and dedicated staff members, Raksha has an annual operating budget of Rs 50 lakhs (Rs 50,00,000, appx $1,10,000). The Ministry of Justice and Empowerment provides an annual grant of 20% of this budget. For the rest of its budget, Raksha turns to its friends and well-wishers like YOU.

Proceeds from Ganolsavam 2010 will be utilized to develop resource materials for Raksha’s in-house training as well as to share with similar organizations as a learning kit. The funds required for this project are approximately $4,500. More details can be found in the documents here and here.

Raksha Society Web Site: http://www.rakshasociety.org

By attending Ganolsavam you are helping a great cause; we request your whole hearted support.

For more information and tickets, please contact:
Santhosh Nair - 425 770 2595
Biju Skariah - 425 329 9090
Jojo Chalissery - 425 772 1449
Ashley Elenjickal - 425 273 6021



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