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How Can I Help?


CARE & SHARE depends on the generosity of people like you. There are many ways that individuals can help by "giving back" a portion of the good fortune with which they have been blessed.

A donation of time may be what you can afford. CARE & SHARE sponsors several holiday meals, and eye clinics which require volunteers. You donít need special training, just a willing heart. You can also help by giving donations of food, clothing, or medicine which are distributed to charities in Chicago and elsewhere.

A tax deductible gift of money is always needed. This will keep the doors of many charitable organizations open in your community and around the world. You can donate to Care & Share through any of the following modes.


Checks or Money Orders - Write your checks or money orders in favor of "Care And Share" and send it to Care & Share, 16612 W 159th Street Suite 204 Lockport, IL 60441.

Billpay - Billpay feature provided by many banks and financial institutions is an easy way to send your donations. Please provide the following information

  • Payee - Care & Share

  • Phone Number - 815 588 1403

  • Address - 16612 W 159th Street Suite 204 Lockport, IL 60441

Paypal - Using Paypal, you can donate using your Credit Card. You need not be a Paypal member to use this option.

Shop at Amazon Smile - Designating Care & Share as the charity of your choice while shopping at Amazon Smile is another great way to support us. Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchase price to charity when customers shop through their program called AmazonSmile. All your shopping experience at Amazon remains the same - prices, shopping cart, wishlists, and shipping options.




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