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Humanitarian Awards


Since its inception in 1990, Care & Share has recognized individuals who exhibit extraordinary selflessness to their community through its Humanitarian of the Year Award. Care & Share accepts recommendations from a wide variety of communities and welcomes candidates of all colors, races, religions, and ethnicities. Once a candidate is nominated, Care & Share conducts detailed research on the individual, and the decision to bestow the Humanitarian of the Year Award on a candidate is completely based on the individual’s charitable work

List of Humanitarian Awards presented in USA

1996 - Larry Culkin & Bob Weeden – Mr. Culkin and Mr. Weeden are with Living Light Outreach Center, a Christian institution started by Mr. and Mrs. Weeden several years ago. Living Light Outreach Center is a rehabilitation shelter for people who are recently released from prison and have no place to go. The Center helps rehabilitate people and teach them a trade so that they can go back into the community. Care & Share has provided funds for the Center’s ongoing operations as well as Thanksgiving dinners at the facility.

1995 - Dr. Norman Peterson – Dr. Norman Patterson is a local Optometrist in the Chicago area. He and his staff did have donated countless hours of their time and energy to conduct free eye clinics for the needy in Chicago.

1994 - Roger Aurelio – Mr. Aurelio is a local businessman based in Chicago who has been heavily involved in feeding the homeless. Care & Share did several joint feeding programs along with him.

1993 - Cynthia Hosch – Ms. Hosch received the award for her one-woman crusade in feeding the homeless.Ms. Hosch was actually homeless herself at one point in her life, so she could empathize with the plight of the needy first-hand. After she was obtained a job as a maid, she decided to do what she could to feed the homeless in the downtown Chicago area on her meager income. Care & Share came to know about her selfless efforts through a Wall Street Journal article published in the early 1990s.

List of Humanitarian Awards presented in Kerala, India

2009 Mrs. Annie Joseph – Mrs. Joseph started the charitable organization, Ankur Kala (www.ankurkala.org), in Calcutta, India, in 1982 for the rights and dignity of poor, destitute single women coming from the slums and suburbs of Calcutta. At a time when most NGOs and organizations were focusing on charitable activities to alleviate the hardships faced by destitute women, Mrs. Joseph’s organization took on the daunting challenge of creating a sustainable model for economic self-reliance by motivating women to achieve excellence in vocational skills and then produce and sell their handicrafts in the open market.


2007 – Mr. K. M. Noordeen – Mr. Noordeen is the founder and chairman of the Alpha Pain Clinic (www.alphapainclinic.com) in Edamuttam, Thrissur, which began functioning in 2005. The clinic provides home care to bedridden patients, as well as those with incurable diseases. In 2006 it expanded its operations to include day care and in-patient facilities. In the short span of thirty months, Alpha Pain Clinic has registered about 1,000 patients, 400 of which are currently availing of its services. Alpha Clinic is one of the largest home-based palliative care providers in India.

– Dr. M. R. Rajagopal – Dr. M. R. Rajagopal is a pioneer in the field of Pain & Palliative care. He is one of the founders of Pain & Palliative Care Society in Calicut Medical College with over 60 link centers in various parts of northern Kerala. The society won the "Center of excellence" award from World Health Organization (WHO) and has been a WHO Demonstration Project in palliative care for the developing world since 1996 (http://www.painandpalliativecare.org). He is currently chairman of Pallium India which works with other agencies to develop Pain & Palliative care services for the Indian sub-continent.

– Sri Divakar Deo – Mr. Deo, who himself is inflicted with Parkinson’s disease, began the Parkinson’s Society of India in Kerala. He obtains medications from different pharmaceutical companies free of charge and distributes them to the needy.

Mr Haji
– Mr. Haji helped the orphaned poor by opening various trade schools in Calicut so that these underprivileged children could learn a trade and make a living on their own. Through his institutions and trade schools, many children have went on to have successful careers both in India and abroad.

– Dr. Roshan George – Dr. Roshan is an ophthalmologist who has been conducting several free eye clinics to the needy in various parts of Kerala.

– Dr. Vijayalakshmi Menon and Mrs. Naseema Majeed – These two women jointly pioneered a crisis center for suicidal women in Ernakulum. Through their efforts, thousands of women’s lives in Kerala have been saved.

– Father Abraham Kaipamplackal – Father Kaipamplackal began a shelter for abandoned elderly men in Palai. He provided love and compassion to these forgotten people full time as he lived in the facility with them.


1998 Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) - Amma's charitable mission runs many programs such as rehabilitation of homeless, feeding hungry, medical camps, free medical treatments to the poor, etc. All these programs are run entirely by the volunteers.

1997 - anjoo Menon - Mr.Manjoo is the founder of Raksha Society at Mattanchery, Kochi for the care of special children. The center provides relief to both mentally and physically challenged kids.

P.M. Thomas – Mr. Thomas began feeding the needy people in the general ward of the Kottayam Medical College Hospital on his meager income as an attendant. His efforts continue today on a larger scale 25 years later through the Navajeevan Trust.

Father Gabriel – Father Gabriel pioneered the Amala Cancer Hospital in Trichur, which provides a variety of cancer treatment services to the poor for free.

1994 - Sarvodayam Kurien – Mr. Kurien received the award for his extensive efforts with orphans. He and his wife personally took care of over 100 abandoned children and placed them in various caring homes. He has also built a hospital from his own personal funds for the benefit of the poor in Narakal, Kerala.


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