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The beginning :

On 29th December 2001 in an august forum assembled in Y.M.C.A Hall Ernakulam at 3.30 P.M. Mr. Tony Devassy, President Care and Share U.S.A declared the formation of the Kerala Chapter of Care and Share.  The aim and purpose are to effectively implement and monitor various Care and Share schemes specially designed and sponsored for Kerala.  The meeting witnessed the distribution of the Care and Share award 2001 for the best social worker in Kerala.  This time the recipient of the prestigious award was Dr. Roshan George MS DOMS of Roshan Eye Care Hospital, Tripunithura who has done and is continuing commendable community service since last 14 years.   Honínle Minister for Youth Welfare Kerala presented the award to Dr. Roshan.


                The Kerala Chapter consists of a small group.

                                E. R. Menon                             -            President

                                Dr. Sachidananda Kammath       -            Vice President

                                Mr. Manu Roy                           -            Secretary & Treasurer

                                Mr. K.T. Antony                         -            Director

                                Mr. T.K. Girijan Menon               -            Legal Adviser


Immediately after the formation of the local chapter, we chalked out programmes giving more emphasis  to health care.  Accordingly eye care was given the priority since more people could be benefitted within a minimum time frame by getting their vision defects rectified.  People very much appreciate this and therefore make use of the eye camps whenever organized at their place.  The medical camps are organized at centres selected for the purpose according to the their eligibility.  Various points are taken into consideration before selection. The association and help of the local voluntary organizations are always made use of while camps are organized to have involvement of the local people in the programme.


January :2002


Our first camp was organised on January 20th, 2002 by M/s Hindustan Agro Development servicing society, Adimali a local voluntary organisation working mainly for the cause of the illiterate and elderly hill produce cultivators and other agricultural labours in the mountain village on the boarders of Ernakulam District.

343 persons attended the camp.

97 Free eye glasses were distributed to the deserving poor patients.

6 Free Cataract surgeries were arranged for the deserving patients. 


Facilities for the detection of new diabetes in the suspected group, as well as complications like diabetic Nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, hyper cholesterolemia and asymptomatic heart diseases etc were also  arranged in the camp under the leadership of Dr. Georgy K. Nainan, Senior Nephrologist and his team.  Dr. Roshan George was in charge of the eye care programmes. Supply of medicines prescribed was free of cost.  Also lab facilities for checking blood sugar, albumin etc were arranged free of cost. Free eye glasses to the selected poor patients were distributed in February.



February : 2002


The second camp was organised at Thiruvamkulam near Tripunithura on the 10th February .  Only eye care progrmme was included.  A local womenís organization namely Priyadarshini and Rajeev Gandhi Study Centre organized the camp.


168 persons attended the camp.

95 free eye glasses were distributed

8 free Cataract surgeries were arranged for the deserving poor.

Total supply of medicines prescribed was free.

Distribution of free eye glasses to the selected poor patients was arranged in  a special function on 17th March.

Third camp was held on 24th  February at PKM Hospital Panangad exclusively for pediatric care. The camp was conducted by Dr. Sachidananda Kammath.


120 children were examined in the camp.

Medicines were supplied totally free of cost.


Along with the camp there was a meeting arranged in which financial aid for the treatment of a blood cancer patient was also organized in which dignitaries like the Local M.L.A, the district  Panchayath President, block panchayath president, ward members etc were present.  Taking into account of the requirement of the area and the response to the health care activities organised by Care & Share as well as PKM Trust, it was decided to have pediatric care programmes repeated at the centre.


March : 2002


The fourth medical camp was also held on PKM Hospital at on 3rd March.  There were multispecialities this time and the following doctors participated.


Diabetic care :

                Dr. Georgy. K Nainan, senior consultant Nephrologist

                Dr. Jose Tharayil, plastic surgeon and diabetic foot specialist

                Dr. Prasan Prabhakar MD Physician

Eye Care :

                Dr. Roshan George, and  her team


facilities for checking blood sugar, BP, Albumin etc were also provided free of cost in addition to supply of free eye glasses, free cataract surgeries and free medicines.

320 patients attended the camp.

82 free glasses were supplied.

2 Free cataract surgeries were arranged.

In the meeting held along with the camp the scheme of total health care of the area under Care & Share supervision, was inaugurated by Dr. Georgy K. Nainan.  Step by step every Ward will be covered under the scheme.  The district panchayath president, block panchayath officials and many other dignitaries from the locality offered their whole hearted co-operation and support  to the project.  The programme envisages total eradication of cataract from the area and also control of  diabetes  along with special attention to pediatric Care.  High level discussion regarding the implementation of the project is already being  initiated at the level of district panchayath president.

Distribution of free eye glasses to the selected poor patients was arranged separately during April.


Fifth camp was held at an island in the backwaters viz. Perumbalam on 10th March, where advance medical facilities are lacking.  Only eye camp was held.  The camp was organized by enthusiastic public who felt the need to have such a camp at their place and they initiated.


354 patients attended the camp.

214free eye glasses were supplied..

8 free cataract surgeries were arranged in addition to supply of free medicines.

Distribution of free eye glasses was arranged on 12th May 2002.


Now our camps have the facilities for :

1. Eye - retinal examination for diabetic retinopathy.

 2. Kidney - blood urea, urine albumin and microscopy.  If urine albumin is negative,then to do microalbuminuria.

3. Heart - E.C.G, if needed stress test (in selected cases).

4. Lipids _ cholesterol and triglycerides.

5. Peripheral vascular disease by doplor studies of the peripheral vessels.

 The camp is equipped fully for the early detection of major problems.  In the case of patients who are found to require detail check up, laboratory tests etc, facilities for the same are also provided at major hospitals at Ernakulam at affordable rates. 

APRIL : 2002

A multi speciality camp was organized by YMCA Vadavukode on 21st April at Rajershi Memorial  High School Vadavukode.  Apart from  usual eye care and vision test, Diabetes detection, Prostrate cancer detection, renal problems blood, sugar and albumin test BP, ECG and Ultra sound scanning facilities were also included Ė all free of charge. The usual free supply of medicines, free eye glasses, free Catract surgeries to the deserving poor patients were available. 

174 patients were screened for vision defects and treatments suggested

86 patients were selected for distribution of free eye glasses

135 patients were examined for diabetic/renal complaints.

46 patients were made use of ECG facilities.

96 patients were subjected to Ultra Sound Scanning.

105 patients made use of the lab facilities..

340 patients in total attended the camp.

There was slide projection and awareness programme on Diabetes arranged by Glaxo. [medical suppliers] The introduction of the normally expensive Ultra Sound Scanning and ECG facilities free of charge in the camp was an experiment  which was very well received and appreciated by the public. Free eye glasses for the selected poor patients were distributed in a special function held on 2ndJune 2002 in which the YMCA authorities  took active part.

Medical camp organized by the Kerala Catholic Youth Movement (St. John The Bapist Palarivattam Unit] Thammanam was held on 28th April at Thammanam  St. Johnís School Hall on 28th April .

265 persons attended the camp

134 persons were selected for supply of free eye glasses.

For 9 patients Cataract Surgery was arranged free of cost.

The media both newspapers as well as cable network gave wide coverage for the  camp

Distribution of free eyeglasses  was  arranged in a separate function on 9th June 2002 at the camp premises and it was inaugurated by Mr.K.Babu, MLA. The Church authorities and the KCYM volunteers took active part.[details given separately in the activity report for June.]


MAY : 2002

Distribution of free eyeglasses to the patients who attended  the camp held at Perumbalam on 10th March was held at the same camp site on the 12th.May

The patients were immensely pleased with the performance of the camp in March and also were happy to meet the volunteers once  again for the eyeglass distribution.

Those who could not attend the camp at Perumbalam were advised to attend the next immediate camp in  the nearby area at Aroor.

Free medical camp at Aroor organized by the2136, Aroor Kizhakumbhagom NSS Karayogam was held on May 26 at the NSS Hall.

Sree Thrivikrama Panicker NSS Union Secretary Sherthallai inaugurated the camp which covered Eye care,Diabetus, Renal problems, Prostrate cancer detection, Kidney stone  and Hypertension etc.

ECG, and Ultrasound scanning,  blood and urune tests were arranged free of cost

Doctors : Dr.Roshan George,Dr.Georgy K.Nainan,Dr.O.S.Thampan ,Dr.Ramesh Shenoy and other technicians alongwith the volunteers conducted the camp.

Total 310 persons attended of which

233 for problems connected with their vision,24 for Diabetus related problems,32 for Reneal problems,21 for Asthma.

43 persons utilized scanning facilities,58 made use of lab.facilities,60 persons got their ECG taken.

129 persons were selected for supply of free eyeglasses and

15 were selected for free cataract surgery.

The distribution of free eye glasses was held at Aroor on


Distribution of free eyeglasses for the selected poor and deserving patients of the camp held at Vadavukode on April 21 was arranged on June 2  at  YMCA Hall.

Dr.Roshan,Mr.E.R.Menon,Mr.Girijan Menon attended the function organized by the host organization.

86 glasses were distributed for the selected poor who attended the function and received the same and expressed satisfaction.

Free eyeglass distribution at Thamanam after the camp held there on 28th April was held on June 9 at the camp site itself.

Sri.K.Babu MLA inaugurated the function. Mr.E.R.Menon and Mr.Girijan Menon ttended the function where M/s.Ratheesh Opticals arranged the glasses for distribution as ususal.

One of the child patientsís mother spoke on the occasion of her wonderful experience at the Roshan EyeCare Hospital as well as at the camp where she could get best attention and treatment for her child who had multiple problems.She was emotional while thanking the organizers of the camp ,the Camp Doctor and the Volunteers.This was a new experience for the organizers as well as the volunteers as they received the feedback from the patientsí side in the open session. The Vicar of the Church who thanked   the Camp authorities said that  all were happy about the camp  and looked forward to the next.


Distribution of eyeglass free for the selected poor patients at the camp held at  Aroor on  May 26 was held on July 7 at the camp premises.

Local GramaPanchayath President inaugurated the function.

Dr.Roshan George and , Mr.E.R.Menon who attended the function alongwith Mr.Girijan Menon spoke on the occasion


129 free eyeglasses were distributerd and the patients came and received the same.

There was total satisfaction  in the case of all concerned 

Care And Share US Head Quarters sent a cheque for $1000/- to be handed over to RAKSHA, an organization for the care of children [Society for the care of children with multiple handicaps]functioning at Kochangadi,Cochin.

An informal function was organized on the 10th July at their  pre mises.

Mr.E.R.Menon, President ,Care and Share Kerala Chapter presented the cheque which was received by Mr.Anwar Hashim, Chairman of the organization..  Mr.Girijan Menon also was present. Mr.Manchu Menon the veteren who organized  Raksha long back thanked Care and Share for their continued support and care for the children at Raksha.

The function which was quite informal had all the warmth and a special appeal especially with the children well cared for .

On 27th July free vision test was arranged for Bus Drivers at Roshan EyeCare Hospital at . Tripunithura.under the leadership of Dr.Roshan George, camp Doctor for Care and Share Free Medical Camps.   The Officials from the Regional Transport Authority were present at the Hospital to witness the camp activities.. This is going to be an ongoing programme under the care and supervision of the RTO officials.Those who attended the camp were immensely pleased with the arrangement and the service  made available totally.free .


On August 25, a free Eye Camp was arranged at Pattimittam near Puthencruz  and this was organized by Kerala Action Force, Chengara Welfare Group and Divya Hospital. It was  well attended and the    remote  villages were immensely benefited as they got specialized eye care at their premises.

390 persons participated in the camp

229 persons were selected for distribution of eye glasses free of cost

6        poor  patients were selected for cataract surgery free of charge        Distribution of free eye glasses to the selected poor patients is scheduled for October 13th at the same premises.


 Preliminary arrangements and organizational works for conducting Medical camps at various centers  in the coming months are in progress viz;   September  29th at  Kochu Kadavanthara  near Thevara,     October 6th at Town Hall Ernakulam, November at Pallikara {tentative] December 22 at Karingachira [Tripunithura] and January  6,   2003 at Chennoor[ near Varapuzha]