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1. The Organization:


The National Association for the Blind, Kerala State Branch is a non- profit making organization working for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the blind persons and the disabled persons in the State of Kerala, India. The major activities of NAB includes Community Based Rehabilitation, Integrated Education of disabled children, Prevention of Blindness and Disability, Low Vision Centre, Deafblind project and Children with Multiple Disabilities, etc. We are working steadily to empower and to encourage the disabled persons to be self- reliant and to enrich in the field of Human Resource Development.



The NAB Kerala Branch is registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary Science and Charitable Societies Act 1955 with registration number 28/1972 dated 30.03.1972.

Registered with State Government of Kerala under PWD Act vide no. 0100.

Registered with National Trust vide No. 1105/MD/2001

FCRA No. 052910249

Details of activities of NAB Kerala State Branch


The latest Annual Report of the Organsiation is enclosed which highlights all the activities of NAB Kerala. Other newsletters are enclosed as annexure.


2. The Context:

The marco factors,  a general situational overview.

The area selected for implementation of this project is the rural& urban parts of the Trivandrum District. The Proposed project is for the rehabilitation of the Children with Deafblindness & Multiple Disabilities. At present there is no institution carrying out rehabilitation for the deafblind/MD children in the District or State. The only rehabilitation is the home-based rehabilitation programme by NAB Kerala.

The rural areas of Trivandrum are so remote that the chances of rehabilitation of the disabled children are grim. Though the literacy rate is high the disabled rehabilitation is still in it’s infancy. People have no idea on what kind of intervention can be given to such group of children. Even now the deafblind/MD children are put in either school for the deaf, blind or MR and later terminated from there, due to their dual/multi  sensory loss. Because of the ignorance even the professionals and the clinicians are recommending these children to schools for the mentally retarded. But the irony is these children are not mentally retarded but need certain training in communication skills using other residual skills.

The income levels of the families of most of these children are average and most people are dependent on traditional, masonry or coolie work. Due to the time wasted in shuttling their children to various institutions thereby losing their time, these parents are looking out for organizations which would provide all services needed for their children under one roof.

3. The Background: the proposal related situation, giving the rationale for the proposed intervention/ activity.

The NAB Kerala branch,  has the experience of initiating and successfully running home based or community based rehabilitation projects in different districts of the State, through it’s networking with Government, eye hospitals and agencies working for other disabilities, health departments and local agencies.

We are the only organisation in the whole State of Kerala providing services to Deafblind children with the support of Sense International India since 1999-2005.  Over the last eight years our programme has grown in strength, both in terms of number of children receiving services and the capacity of our organisation to provide technical services to the children.


In these years of services some of the children have shown significant change and development functionally leading to greater independence. A child with deaf blindness is a child who has a combination of both visual and Hearing, which causes severe communication and other development and learning needs. Similarly a child with multiple disabilities is a child who has a combination of more than one disability, which causes severe communication and other development and learning needs The needs and abilities of each of these children are different. These children are educationally isolated because impairments of sight and hearing or physical require thoughtful and unique educational approaches in order to ensure that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


With our intervention we have successfully integrated 02 deaf blind & 2 MD children into normal schools thereby enabling them to get educated along with other normal children. We have also trained some of the mothers as caregivers and they in turn have helped us in identifying more number of such deafblind/Multiple disabled children.


Sense International India, had supported us from 1999 to 2005 but stopped the support due to their  expansion to other areas of need in the country. They are  supporting our program only in the technical aspect from 2006 onwards.  (To know more about our association with Sense International India and the success of our project, you may contact Mr. Akhil Paul, Director Sense International India at akhil@senseintindia.org)


The Sense International India is fighting at Central Level to consider deafblindess/MD as a separate category and unique disability by conducting various expert meetings involving State Commissioners for Disabilities.  NAB is also working at State Level to sensitise the Government to include deafblindess as a separate category of Disability. The UN convention also has recognised Deafblindness/MD  as a unique disability and campaigning for global education for all.


Hence we cannot bring a stop to the rehabilitation of these needy children as well as the other newly identified children who have not had any kind of intervention, until the Government makes a decision. The intervention needs to be continuous and we will have to continue the support for at least another two more years before a full-fledged support is received from the Government.


Presently we have identified and are providing services to a total of 20 children who need services . Since the needs of each of these children are  different and complex in nature,  the number of children has to be limited to 20. More over they also need one to one teaching.

4. Objectives

To continue offering services to the 20 children belonging to economically poor category in their day to day needs such as eating, toileting and bathing, And also to focus in developing the communication skills of these children.

5. Proposed Activity:

Ø  To continue to develop the Child’s present level of functioning in cognitive, speech and language, psychological, motor and self help skills.

Ø  To provide stimulation in the necessary areas and to develop the various functional skills of the child and make him/her independent to whatever capacity he can be.

Ø  To train the mother as caregiver by providing her with necessary skill training to be practiced on the child in day-to-day activities.

Ø  To develop a cadre of trained educators to identify and develop functional curriculum skills of the children with Deaf Blindness in the State of Kerala.

  Ø  Protecting the rights of these children and their parents by ensuring due process, and parental involvement in educational planning.

Ø  The overall goal of intervention is to eliminate or at least reduce the obstacles that might keep these children from full and active participation in school and society

Ø  Networking with other agencies working for deaf and blind persons in the state to train their staff in dealing with such kind of children.

Ø  To include the programme in the State Govt. support schemes.

6. What has been done till now?


The initial infrastructure and services has already been established with in the geographical region. A fair degree of community sensitisation has been possible and there is greater acceptance of the children and their families by the community.  The proposed project will continue to provide support to 20 children in the program .The services to these children will be provided both at their homes and our centre with the help of trained educators. The educators would provide need-based training to these children  in his/her day to day activities along with the help and support of the parents and community. The educators will also prepare the child to integrate into mainstream of the society, wherever possible depending on the severity of disability in the children.


As of now the Government is not providing any support for these children. Efforts are being made by NAB to sensitize Government and Medical personnel to consider these children uniquely. NAB is also networking with the SSA in providing need-based interventions for these children. For this NAB has agreed to provide training to the SSA educators in identifying these dual sensory impaired children.


We will continue to support each child until he reaches some kind of independency and the mother becomes a full- fledged caregiver.


5. Role of the Organization

The NAB will be providing services at the doorstep as well as through our centre for these children with the help of educators who will regularly monitor the progress of the child through various need based skill development services. Various resource persons and experts of the Sense International India office and abroad have very well trained the educators. These educators have also attended a number of seminars and trainings and are independently capable of handling these children in any situation. They will also be constantly assisted by the Project in Charge who will also monitor the programmes at a holistic level. Though Sense International India has stopped the funds, they continue the relations in terms of manpower development, evaluation, expert visits by their officials, etc.

The NAB has a trained resource person in Low Vision rehabilitation and a trained optometrist who helps in the functional assessment of these children. This resource person is also a mentor to Sense International India for mentoring its Deafblind projects, hence the needs of the children will be taken care by experts in this field.

Services offered in our Centre

The focus of the center will not only be on the child but also the parents. The centre-based training will not be provided in isolation, as is usually done.  But in our project, the training is based on expressed needs of the parents. Accordingly the programme for any child will be planned in partnership with the parents. The parents will observe and many times work hand in hand with the   educators. In the process, the educators and other professionals hand over the skills to the parents. Ultimately the child is a part of the family and is looked after by the parents. And in the true sense, the parents become the equal partners in respect of imparting training to the child. The centre will also provide  therapeutic and clinical intervention., with the help of the services of Ophthalmologist, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist and Speech Therapist.

 7. Expected outcome(s)

 ·        Each child in the project will be regularly reviewed to ensure that the she/he is receiving appropriate care and education.

 ·        Training will be given to the mothers and other family members to communicate with these children as well as advice on their care.

 ·        To create awareness generation amongst parents of children with disabilities, school teachers and professionals working in the field.

·        Integration of children wherever possible into mainstream education or into special schools

 ·        Forming a family network or support group among the parents for over all well being of their child.

 ·        Advocacy and lobbying with the government, with Ministry of education, health, social welfare etc.. in issuing proper certification for such children, through workshops and sensitization program.

 ·        The health authorities are also being approached in making mandatory rubella vaccination compulsory for girl child which is one of the major causes of Deafbblindness/MD in children.

8. Process/ Strategy  

The Proposed Project is a continuation of the work which we are already doing hence the identification of the children and the Educators is not required. The Educators will help the children to diagnose properly with the help of a clinician and also help the child and the parents to obtain necessary services in Counselling, various therapies, rehabilitation etc. They will visit the respective houses of the children and help the child in rehabilitation and also help the mother in becoming a caregiver. The programme also provides opportunities for the child and family to attend various training programmes in and out of the State, which will enhance their capacity to render adequate services. The Project offers the services available at the Centre in Trivandrum.

9. Location of the project

The project will continue to give support in the same rural areas of Trivandrum district. Many service institutions that provide interventions for children in terms of behavior management, speech therapy and other therapeutic interventions like NISH, ICCONS , Child Care centre etc..are all located in the heart of the city. Hence if we cater to the needs of children in and around the Trivandrum city it will be easier for us to do referrals to the parents to these institutions for any specialized need based interventions, other than what we propose to do.



10. Budget  

The estimated cost of the project for two years amounts to Rs.5, 75,000/-  with detailed break-up is given below.





Per Month


Year wise Amount (Rs)

Per Month


Year wise Amount (Rs)



a)      Educator

b)      Assistant Educator












Travelling Allowance

a)      Educator

b)      Assistant Educator











Clinical and Functional Assessment







 Aids and appliances                







Family Meetings                                       







Medical Treatment                      







Honorarium to Therapist( Speech & Physio)@Rs.300 per visit each in a month








Capacity building of Educators & Parents (Training/workshops/Seminars etc.






Picnic to Children and Families








Educational Toys for developing functional skills of the Children






Honorarium to the Project in Charge







IEC Materials







Administration, Field visits for Honorary Staff, etc.











Rs. 2,83,300




Grand Total for two years: Rs. 5,75,000/-

Note:- Care & Share is sponsoring only 20% (Rs. 1,20,000) of the total project expenses. NAB Kerala is still looking for a sponsor for the rest of the expenses. If you are interested, please contact Brahada Shanker (nabkeral@vsnl.com) or contact Care & Share (contact@careandshare.com).

11. Rationale of the Budget  

 NAB’s Contribution

 ·        The services of the experts working with NAB will be utilized for this project.

 ·        Availing of assistive devices from Government bodies like DDRC and Local Panchayats etc

 ·        Monitoring of the Project at all levels.

 ·        Availing various concessions, which the children and the families are eligible for.

 ·        Celebrating birthdays of these children, which in turn will be a motivating factor for other family members towards the welfare of the children.

 ·        Celebrating religious festivals with the active involvement of families of these children.

 ·        Conducting Family development meeting

 ·        Promoting family members to attend various meetings/workshops across the country which will be useful for their children.

 ·        Offering the Services of the Centre at Trivandrum

 ·        Include this topic also in all the awareness and Sensitisation programmes of NAB.

12. Sustainability of the Project

Services provided during the past few years has shown tremendous development in the children leading to greater independence.

Our indicators of success are:

Anu Issac a child with total Blindness and Mental retardation   is well integrated into her family . We have supported her with a goat and kid for their socio economic rehabilitation. We have also supported her family in constructing a house with the help of on of our donor.

·     Razik  who is 8 years old has learnt to sit, walk, eat by self, play with other children in the neighbourhood


Anziya & Amina 6 – 3 years  deafblind sisters  with sever communication and learning problems can sit without support and is learning to eat by herself   and learning to communicate through gestures.


·    Abu, Ummu , Smitha and Devika deafblind and MD children have been integrated into normal school. The educators visit their schools once in a week and the children visit the NAB centre once in a week.


·     Six of our children Adityan, Jithin, Akhil, Jeetu, Akash, Diljith have been integrated into a special school from this year onwards.


·    The expertise and knowledge of the educators have been disseminated among the various programs of NAB, implemented in other districts of our State


·    The Educators have also been involved in equally sensitizing the resource teachers of IED and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and other NGO’s on Multiple disabilities.


·    Abu and Ummu the two deafblind children, with a loss of 90 %vision and profound deafness participated in the Helen Keller Awards 2004 & 2006 at  Scotland and won accolades for the same.


All these and many other children have demonstrated success of this approach through their outstanding performance, enhancement of skills, and improvement in quality of life. We are confident that if  such an innovative approach, through this program is  adopted,   many more children can be brought in the mainstream of social life – as a matter of their right.


Through this project our strategy is to develop our Centre as “Centre of Excellence” by offering services to Multi Sensory Impaired children and other categories of disability in the whole State of Kerala through rehabilitation services and manpower development


13. Relevant annexure sent by post.

Annexures giving details of trustees—names, qualifications and address, the main executive functionaries, managing committee, etc. (Attached as Annexure – I )

Latest Annual report and audited account with the auditors report (Attached as Annexure – II )

Copy of the registration certificate of the organization and other relevant registrations/ exemptions like FCRA, 80G etc.(Attached as Annexure- III) 



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