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Microsoft Give 2019 Poker Tournament to support Special Education



By participating in this event, you are empowering children with special needs!


Suggested Donation for participation: $40 + MS Match

About Event:
When it comes to education, children with special needs should be accommodated differently. In India, this is an area, where almost every school struggles to find funding to keep the lights on. Special education is an area Care & Share (www.careandshare.com) has focused since its inception in 1990. This year Care & Share is supporting two schools - Chaithanya Special School (http://chaithanya.net/) and Adarsh Special School (http://adarshrehab.org/). Chaithanya School doesn’t have an elevator from the first floor to second floor. Many kids are manually lifted to go to the class rooms and work shops in the second floor. Installing an elevator costs about $15,000. Chaithanya is home for around 150 kids. Though the average expense for a kid is around Rs 1,950 (Around $30) per month, very few parents can afford it. Many kids get free education, medication, physiotherapy, daily lunch and 2 times snacks. Of the total expense, 48% has to come through donations. Sponsoring a kid is around $360/year. Care & Share is trying to sponsor 30 kids in the upcoming year (around $10,000). Adarsh school is in need of 12 motorized wheel chairs. Each wheelchair costs around $1,000. Our goal is to find funding for at least 5 wheelchairs.

We request your whole hearted support for our effort to raise $30,000 towards this cause. Remember, your participation is going to bring comfort, joy and smiles to school authorities, parents and kids. We have arranged food and drinks to make your poker sessions as enjoyable as possible. We also have exciting prizes for the winners:

Register using these links:

Oct 15th: https://aka.ms/PokerCnS-Oct15

Oct 21st: https://aka.ms/PokerCnS-Oct21


For more details, please reach out to -
Jyothish Nair  (425) 283-7486
Sajith Balan  (425) 599 6801

Ashley Elenjickal (425) 273-6021


Thank you for your support!



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