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January 1,2004


Dr.Gopalakrishnan , Medical Director, Care And Share USA inaugurated the Kerala  Chapter Office at Building No.VII/375 A     Parakkat Hospital Complex, Panangad,

682 506. Chapter Officials , Volunteers and welwishers invited were present.


January 4,2004

A multispeciality Medical Camp –first camp of the year 2004 [ 24th in the total ]series was held at Government UP School , Palluruthy, Kochi,  organized with the help and assistance of Islamic Youth Welfare Servers Society, Kochi.

Apart from Vision Problems , other areas, such as, Renal problems, ,Pediatric Care,,  ENT ,Skin Gynec also were covered in the camp, with supporting facilities of Lab for blood and urine/albumin check, . ECG. Ultrasound Scanning,  medicines and other tests. There was good response from the public to avail the benefits provided free of cost at their premises.

330 patients attended the camp and availed faciliities


January 9,2004

Care and Share Award for the  Best Social Worker of the Year  2003 given to Mr.Divakar

Deo ,President Parkinson Society of India,  in a function held at YMCA Hall, Ernkulam.

Minster for Finance, Kerala, Shri K.C.Sankarnarayanan gave away the award to Mr..Divakar Deo.] Minister for Tourism and Fisheries Prof. .K.V.Thomas gave away  the award to the Voluntary agency viz. Islamic Youth Welfare Servants Society, Kochi for organizing the best camp during the year. Also a special award was given to M/s.Ratheesh Opticals  in recognition of their  dedicated service and best technical support extended to  CARE AND SHARE camp work

Mr. Tony Devassy, President Care And Share USA  , Kerala Chapter Officials and guests invited were present.


7th February 2004 

A  free vision check up for the students at Govt. L.P.School ,Udayathinvathil,[ panangad village]was organized[25th in the series and 2nd camp  of the year ].Students having problems were subjected to detail checkup by Dr Roshan  at her Eye Care Hospital  and free glasses prescribed were distributed to the concerned  on 14th Feb.at the Hospital. Children having their vision corrected were immensely happy with glasses. 60 children availed the facilities


8th February

A free medical camp[26th in the series and 3rd  camp of the year] and a get together  of Kidney transplanted patients and the diners was jointly organized by Care  and share and PVS Memorial Hospital. First of its kind it turned out to be a get together of all concerned and free medical check up , lab .facilities and medicines were arranged. Kidney transplanted persons later on took part in the cultural performances exclusively organized   on that day . in which there was active participation More than  200  persons made use of the facilities.


21st March 2004

A free Eyey Camp  [27th in the series and 4th camp of the year ] was held at South Kalamassery .,organized by the Society for Visually challenged. Patients from the nearby poor homes, orphanages, attended the camp and availed facilities. Free eye  glasses, and medicines were given in the camp and for  selected patients were cataract surgery was also arranged free of cost.

199 patients turned up in the camp.


25th April,2004

Multispeciality medical camp was held at Bharatheya Vidya Bhavn School; [28th in the series and 5th of the year] organized with the assistance of local Residents Association  Apart from Eye care, General Medicine,. Renal , Pediatric Care and also Lab.facilities, ECG Ultra Sound Scanning etc were arranged in the camp. Free Eye surgeries and Eye Glasses for the selected were arranged.

185 patients attended.


14th Nov.2004

A mega medical camp was organized with the help and support of Confederation of Indian Industries, Cochin chapter at Chavara Cultural Centre.[29th in the series and 6th of the year]

Major disciplines such as : Eye, Diabetic, Renal problems, Diabetic Neuoropathy, Skin, ENT Gastro and Hypertension  ,Pediatric care etc were covered and about 18 Doctors volunteered for service in the camp  Facilities such as free Blood , Urine/Albumin tests, ECG and Ultra Sound Scanning , free medicines, free eye glasses and  free cataract surgery for the selected were  made available. For the benefit of the Diabetic patients, free portable kits[valued at  rupees 100 per kit] for analysis at home were arranged free of cost. It was distributed for 100 patients 530 patients made use of the camp facilities.


21st Nov.2004

An exclusive Free medical camp for women[30th in series and 7th of the year] was organized at  Mattancherry  with the help of GSB Mahila Mandali, Kochi , an organization working for the support of needy poor women. Two Gynecologists, One Radiologist and one Pathologist  volunteered  for service. The camp was appreciated very much by one and all.

120 women made use of the facilities offered  in  the camp.


Value based analysis of the performance  of the year 2004

[January20004 to December2004]


camp held on                             Service  provided [value base]                       Patients benefited

1] January, 4th 2004                           Rs.  3,93,300                                              450

2] Feb 7th                                            Rs.          680                                               60

3] Feb. 8th                                           Rs.     12,000                                              200

4]  March 21s                                     Rs.     78,595                                               199

5] April 25                                          Rs.     37,480                                               185

6]  Nov.14                                          Rs   5,09,785                                                744

7]  Nov 21                                          Rs.     72,000                                                120


7 camps                                             Rs.11,03,840                                                 1958


Average worth of  service made available  per person  in the camp   Rs. 567  [approx]