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The first camp in the year 2003 ( 14th camp in the series ) was held at Kottapuram Trichur Dt. On 5th January .It was was organized by the Udygostha Kootayma Cathedral Unit, Kottapuram, a local voluntary organization working for the cause of the poor. Being Multidiscipline camp many poor patients benefited the service provided. Mr. Tony Devassy, President, Care And Share, USA who was on vacation, attended the camp .Dr. Roshan George, Dr.Georgy K. Nainan, Dr. O. S. Thampan, Dr. Ramesh S. Shenoy were the camp doctors.

Camp details
Total patients attended 351
Free eyeglasses provided 206 (distribution was scheduled for 23rd Feb.03)
Free cataract surgery for 9
ECG facility availed by 31
Ultrasound scanning done for 107
Lab. facility availed by 142


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